moi shadesMusic has always been my passion and I am so glad to share it on Periscope. My name is Nick Rivera, I am a 20 year old musician, hardcore Beatles fan and I try to improve people’s day on Periscope.
I started the guitar 9 years ago, just for fun, but I didn’t know it was gonna be a huge part of my life.
If there’s one message I wanna spread is that we must follow our intuition. What we always think about… our dreams… that should be where we need to get going. That dream must become a reality.


You can always find me on Periscope
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Welcome to my new website. I will be filling this page with free music and inspiration for you! Please follow my blog here.



“Cause Lucille don’t wanna play nothin’ but the blues
And I think I’m pretty glad about that
Cause don’t nobody sing to me like Lucille, sing Lucille”
– B.B. King

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I’m working on material for my first album which will be released in 2016.
In the meantime, please download Juste Tout Seul for free from my band camp page: